Catherine - XBOX 360

Catherine - XBOX 360

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The game's protagonist, Vincent, is a man torn between two extremely good looking women. One is the long time girlfriend Katherine, and the other, is the stunning blonde he \"wakes up next to\", ironically, also named \"Catherine\" as the game's title implies. As you play the game the choices you make with Vincent affects how the game's story plays out in an almost but not quite RPG-game like style. The format is ingenious and I have always loved games with a great story...but man this game takes it to the next level! The cut scenes are beautiful, and they use a variety of animated in game cut scenes, and also real animated movie takes. The designers of the game \"Atlus\" (I believe that's correct) have done just a fantastic job in writing such an interesting script. I've only played through once but I am curious to see the variety of endings that the game has to offer and just how much it can change through different answers to questions the game throws at you."

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