Cross Edge - PS3

Cross Edge - PS3

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Oh dearest Cross Edge, whatever will we do with you? We all thought that combining familiar faces from famous Japanese game franchises would be a fun idea. We thought your RPG mechanics and fan service-filled costumes would illicit hefty chuckles and heaps of joy. We were all so very wrong.\r\n\r\nCross Edge is a Japanese RPG that gathers characters from across a number of well-known Japanese gaming companies, including Capcom, Gust and Namco Bandai Games. If you're familiar with Disgaea, Darkstalkers or Ar Tonelico, you'll undoubtedly recognize some of the characters that inevitably join your party. The premise of combining the assets of different companies together has always been an intriguing one. Games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Smash Bros. speak volumes about the wild success of such mash-ups, so one would imagine that Cross Edge could feed off of that fanboyish desire to see the gaming greats join together in battle. But unfortunately, Cross Edge comes nowhere near the greatness of its mash-up predecessors. For every cute or impressive element in its structure, Cross Edge sports ten horrible lesions of flawed game design."

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