Bomberman Act Zero - XBOX 360

Bomberman Act Zero - XBOX 360

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Bomberman Act: Zero is made exclusively for Xbox 360, a system whose predecessor was made popular by action games, shooters and online titles. Thus, Act: Zero is fastened with an unsatisfying and rudimentary set of single-player games, but more significantly, it's built primarily to play on Xbox Live, which is just more really bad Bomberman -- but online. The character design is completely different than before. Bomberman was originally designed as a super-deformed new-age little dude with a tiny bomb suit, tiny little arms and legs, and created with a very Japanese sensibility. He was cute but deadly, perfectly designed for his primary colored world of mazes, grids, and strangely Mario-esque adventure lands. Yeah, that stuff is old these days, but when you saw Bomberman, you knew what you were getting: a quick, fast, fun, party game that could be enjoyed for hours on end with friends. Super Bomberman on the Super NES and Saturn Bomberman were ridiculously fun party games.

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