Lumines 2 - PSP

Lumines 2 - PSP

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Luminous Arc a is the second adventure in the hit strategy-RPG franchise. The game delivers increased challenge, a completely rebuilt user interface, and local as well as online Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer support. This epic strategy RPG is loaded to the brim with content, including a wealth of new characters (and the return of a few favorites), hand drawn graphics, multiple endings and more! For the past four millennia, the world had been at peace. The Kingdom of Carnava led the people with a fair and just hand, and the Magic Association ensured that the power of magic was never used for evil. But alas, the Beast Fiends have returned! And to complicate matters, the Magic Association has problems of its own: Fatima, the Shadow Frost Witch has gone rogue and begun her own private war against the Magic Association: the Witch Conflict. Now, a young knight named Roland is thrust into battle when an accident imbues him with the power to use magic. While working to learn magic, he becomes caught up in the Witch Conflict and the Beast Fiend threat, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

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