Ninja Captains - Nintendo Wii

Ninja Captains - Nintendo Wii

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Running from bulls in Spain, gondola racing in Venice, sledding down icy mountains in Antarctica, and battling a giant robotic mouse in New York are just some of the zany activities you perform in this hilarious party game. The game not only offers 20 unique games that are both fun and challenging, but the Wii version also lets up to 4 players join the action and compete for high score supremacy. And it's all topped off with a quirky sense of humor and a plot that revolves around a team of clumsy ninja cats accidentally travelling the world instead of saving their hometown from a terrifying mouse menace. Each game takes you to a different world famous city, playing on comical stereotypes to ensure the challenges you face are constantly new and exciting. Cities you visit include London, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and many others. The gameplay is varied and exercises your speed, timing and coordination as you are called upon to perform activities that range from racing to climbing, balancing, dodging, dancing, and even surfing!

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