The Adventures of Tintin The Game - Nintendo Wii

The Adventures of Tintin The Game - Nintendo Wii

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The Adventures of Tintin: The Game is set up as a progressive story over the course of six chapters. Each chapter consists of various sequences that form the scope of the entire adventure, with 32 segments in all. Instead of having a hub world to tie everything together, traversing to new locations involves following dashed lines to the next area on a large surface map. Much of the game plays out like a side-scrolling platformer where you solve occasional puzzles and engage in combat with enemies. However, at other points in the game, it feels more like an adventure game as Tintin explores locations from a third-person perspective, searching for clues and asking townsfolk for information. Mixed in amongst these core elements, you also have three sub-games that are weaved into the storyline where you pilot a plane, engage in sword fights, and use a sidecar to get to a nearby destination. Because there's a mix of different gameplay styles here, you can't help but wonder if it's all going to come together well by the end of it.

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