The Sims Medieval - Pirates & Nobles - PC

The Sims Medieval - Pirates & Nobles - PC

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One upside is that you can access all the new content right away. Starting a new kingdom means choosing an "ambition," which really is just a specific end goal for your kingdom, such as making it enlightened or bolstering its defense. Unless you just picked up the game and need to get through the tutorial ambition, you can access the unique Pirates & Nobles ambition immediately. Also, regardless of the ambition you choose, you can access the new quest line the moment you start the game. The only limit to accessing the new pirate-themed objects is your Sims' bank accounts, and getting started with the treasure hunting mechanic means you just need to buy a shovel and your first treasure map from the village shop. None of it is very interesting though, and the "treasures" you get from digging up chests around the kingdom are not worth the time it takes to find them.

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