Reality Fighters - PS Vita

Reality Fighters - PS Vita

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People who have quickly glanced over Reality Fighters, the new augmented reality fighting game for Sony's PS Vita handheld, could be forgiven for thinking it's just a glorified tech demo. This has lead many to promptly disregard it. That's a shame, because there's more to Reality Fighters than first impressions let on. The key to getting the most out of Reality Fighters is in experimenting with the game's user generated content and customisation options. This is a game that's all about letting players choose the kind of experience they want to have. Creating a fighter provides you with plethora of options, most significant of which is the ability to take a photo of your face using one of the PS Vita's cameras, and place your glorious mug on your character's head. The effect works quite well and there are plenty of crazy hairstyles that you can deck your character out with.

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