Dragon Age II - Legacy - PS3

Dragon Age II - Legacy - PS3

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Dragon Age II: Legacy is the first major addition to the game since its release in March, which is a bit surprising - at this point, we already had several DLC releases and a full-fledged expansion for Dragon Age: Origins. Regardless, Legacy is here, and with it, a storyline exploring the Hawkes' familial dealings before your character was even born, set in a dark prison housing a powerful evil. It sounds like quintessential Dragon Age, and it is. But that's the problem. Legacy begins as a story Varric has conveniently forgotten to tell the seeker Cassandra. It's a clever enough conceit, and it even allows Legacy to slide conveniently into Dragon Age II's narrative wherever your current character happens to be. Someone has been making attempts on the lives of the Hawke siblings, and Varric has tracked the responsible faction of Dwarven mercenaries to the middle of nowhere. After some polite conversation (which ends in massacred dwarves either way) you discover that your blood is involved in a dark ritual and is in high demand.

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