Dragon Age II - Mark of the Assassin - PS3

Dragon Age II - Mark of the Assassin - PS3

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In Hollywood, the concept of the 'star vehicle' is established, from Pretty Woman to The Scorpion King, but in games we've rarely seen it (unless you count The Chronicles of Riddick or perhaps the endless sports branding.) So, it's odd to see it sneak in as an expansion pack to Dragon Age II. This DLC should really be called "Roleplay with Felicia", as it introduces a new team character voiced by internet star Felicia Day. (Who also appears to have acted as that same character in a Dragon Age fan film elsewhere, by the way, and for whom the word "sassy" was invented.) Once downloaded, the pack can be accessed from your character's home in Kirkwall; click on the strange statue in the back room and it triggers another tall tale from your partner / henchdwarf Varric. Though everything is leavened with a knowing humour, the ludicrous introduction to the new character Tallis (where she kills a courtyard full of assassins) is pure fan-service. Tallis herself is just Felicia, with a scarily accurately modelled face, albeit with Elvish proportions and ludicrous ears.

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