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What is it about shiny new loot that makes action role-playing games so enthralling? There's something perpetually rewarding about seeing a heroic warrior graduate from lowly rags and a rusty sword to gleaming gold armor and a katana so sharp you can lop a cyclops' head with it in a single swipe. Dungeon Siege III has that same hook, so if opening treasure chests and breaking open urns is your addiction, this straightforward RPG will fuel it. Whether or not the game fulfills your other RPG needs is another matter. Dungeon Siege III marks a departure from the series in a number of ways. Most obviously, this is the first time a Dungeon Siege game has appeared on consoles (discounting 2006's PSP spin-off), and developer Obsidian Entertainment has done a fine job of making the series feel at home on its new platforms. The controls and interface make it easy to hack away at armored soldiers and pilfer stuff from their corpses, and the seamless world keeps you focused on the game--not on loading screens. Yet Dungeon Siege III does little that countless RPGs--including recent downloadable ones that last just as long but cost a fraction of the price--haven't done before. Previous Dungeon Siege games didn't spend much time trying to weave an intricate story. Dungeon Siege III bucks tradition in this regard. You spend a good amount of time conversing with other characters, learning about primary villain Jeyne Kassynder and the kingdom's festering political conflicts. The plot is simple enough: you must defeat this wayward woman and restore power to the legion. Where Dungeon Siege III tries to excel is in the element of choice. As is the fashion in modern RPGs, your choices in dialogue trees can steer certain elements of the story, including the fates of primary and secondary characters alike. At predetermined intervals, and at the conclusion, the game wraps up the results in Fallout-esque summaries accompanied by attractive, sepia-and-gold-toned still images. These chronicles are recounted with great gravitas by a throaty narrator, as if this were a tale for the ages to be passed down from one generation to the next.

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