Gran Turismo 5 - PlayStation 3

Gran Turismo 5 - PlayStation 3

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All wonderfully accurate, and for those who like wrestling with untamed machinery impossibly exhilarating. But others may understandably find it all a little daunting. Thankfully Polyphony has had the foresight to open up its superlative handling model to all-comers, and Gran Turismo 5 is more approachable than its predecessors thanks to some all-new assists that can make hurling around a pedigree GT car as carefree as driving one of the all-new karts. With its handling model proudly restoring Gran Turismo upon the driving throne, it's now easier than ever to fall in love with its exhaustive garage - and this time out there's a lot to fall for. From the nimble karts with their willingness to be hurled around to the brace of contemporary WRC cars that simply demand to be thrown about, it's a list that's as long as it is lust-worthy. But as ever it's just as easy to develop an unlikely love affair with those less than spectacular starting steeds, tuning them to within an inch of their lives until they're near un-drivable beasts.

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