Mass Effect 2 - PS3

Mass Effect 2 - PS3

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Every generation of game consoles has its defining titles. When one thinks back on a system and its legacy, an association with those games is often made. For instance the NES and SNES eras gave us Super Mario Bros. and Zelda, while the original PlayStation served up Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. Naturally, this generation isn't without its own defining set of games, too, and one of those titles is undoubtedly Mass Effect 2, a project from the minds at Canadian developer BioWare. If you only pay attention to the PlayStation 3 scene, you might be confused as to when the original Mass Effect came out and why you never heard about it or played it. Unfortunately, 2007's Mass Effect never made it to the PS3. The series' first entry came only to Xbox360 and PC, and due to Microsoft having published the game, PS3 owners will never see it on their native console. Mass Effect 2, however, is another story entirely.

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