Ridge Racer 7 - PlayStation 3

Ridge Racer 7 - PlayStation 3

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At first drifting seems simple enough: just release the gas and lean in the direction of the turn. What makes the mechanic interesting, and fun more importantly, is how players need to use it to finish a race. Most beginner tracks throw out a few curves, maybe a super sharp turn or two, but later tracks force drivers to drift like it's nobody's business. Players will need to drift through a series of sharp turns at 200-plus mph with 14 other cars sailing by. Sure, just about anyone can drift when going 90 mph, but Ridge Racer 7 has little patience for that. Players either learn to drift, and drift well, or it's curtains. The game tries to help - players can access drift tutorials - but these do a poor job of teaching since they're primarily text-based and non-interactive. It's largely on the driver to learn how to best exploit the lack of real physics. The mechanic does get a little finicky at times. On certain tracks it feels like someone coated the road with gallons of lube.

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