Virtua Tennis 3 - PS3

Virtua Tennis 3 - PS3

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It's a surprise Didier Drogba didn't make it into Virtua Tennis 3. The Chelski striker, infamous for falling on his face at the slightest touch, would fit perfectly in this game, because many of the world's greatest tennis pros, including Federer, Nadal and, um, Tim Henman, spend more time diving for shots than they do whacking the ball - something Drogba does week-in-week-out. In fact quite why there's so much diving in Virtua Tennis 3 is a mystery - sure, throwing your player across the court to reach a ball has always been part of the game, but here it happens every couple of shots, especially in the multiplayer game. It wouldn't be so bad if you scored points for style and finesse while falling, like figure skating in tennis whites, but all you get are grazed knees and a bruised ego when your opponent slogs another cross-court winner.

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