Prince of Persia Revelations - PlayStation Portable

Prince of Persia Revelations - PlayStation Portable

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For those who don't know, you play as the titular Prince of Persia. You're basically an agile guy with unparalleled acrobatic skills. Not only that, but you're a damn good swordfighter and wall-climber, too. Good thing, since a majority of what makes the series great, even back when it was a 2D platformer for the PC, are its smart environmental puzzles. You also fight a ton of enemies using a flexible free-form fighting system. You can perform a roster of cool-looking combos, decapitations and throws. But that's not where the fun really lies. Instead, it's navigating the myriad traps, obstacles, and jumps found in virtually every area in the game. Running along walls, jumping between pillars and leaping between cliffs is at the heart of the series. It always has been.

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