Tekken 6 Platinum - PlayStation Portable

Tekken 6 Platinum - PlayStation Portable

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The Ghost Battles mode is actually one of my favorite elements in the single-player experience, as you are pitted against a steady stream of new AI opponents, or ghosts, that possess different ranks. At the end of the battle, you can use the D-pad to select your next opponent out of a list of three, or you can opt to end the Ghost Battle session. This mode is made even more palatable thanks to the monetary reward you receive after every victory. You'll be earning some sweet coin for almost everything you do in Tekken 6. The primary use of money is to purchase extra customization items for every character on the roster. For example, earn enough cash and you can buy a new jacket for your favorite fighter. Or perhaps you'll pay millions for a ponytail haircut for Lili (I'm guilty of that one). Being able to constantly earn money for unlocking costumes is a great way to reward players that keep coming back for more.

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