Fifa 08 - XBOX 360

Fifa 08 - XBOX 360

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The artificial intelligence was obviously something that EA tried to perfect in this FIFA outing. Playing on professional yields very few goals, an almost frustrating amount, but when they do come they're just as rewarding as they should be. Even with the improved AI, while playing on professional there are still moments of idiocy. During one game I saw an AI-controlled player throw the ball in to his mate, only to have him head it directly out of bounds. This didn't happen just once or twice, but three times. That was also coupled with a few instances of the computer dribbling the ball down my sideline and straight out of bounds, and shootouts that consisted of nothing more than the AI rattling off shots directly at the keeper. Neither happened every time, and certainly weren't enough for me to throw my arms up in disgust, but for these things to happen at all certainly detracts from the realism of the gameplay.

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