Fifa 11 - XBOX 360

Fifa 11 - XBOX 360

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In football, sometimes it's not about the big signings or the headline additions. Take Ferguson's United; at its spine are the same core players that have helped the club dominate domestic football for the best part of a decade, and no number of star signings elsewhere in Manchester look likely to change that. EA Sports' FIFA 11 is a similar proposition; there are no grandstand new features to dazzle and no major upheavals to the existing formula, but that doesn't stop it from being the best FIFA yet and by extension perhaps the best football game there's ever been. If FIFA 10 realised the potential that was apparent in the series since its reboot at this generation's dawn, then FIFA 11 is more about refinement. What's really impressive about this year's effort is how far and wide that enhancements have reached. If you had any gripes about the brand of football that previous FIFAs laid out then they're likely to be answered here.

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