Fifa 13 - XBOX 360

Fifa 13 - XBOX 360

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The whole game feels more physical, too. The Player Impact Engine – one of last year’s marquee features – has been tightened up, and I haven’t experienced any of the awkward, often humorous collisions that it occasionally produced it FIFA 12. This feeling of physicality, of brawn and weight to players, comes mainly from the fact that the ball no longer feels magnetised to the player in possession. Players can collide and jostle with each other as they chase free balls. When you’re in defence, and receive the ball, you’re more inclined to punt into to row Z for fear of taking a bad touch and the striker breathing down your neck. While improved attacking AI makes games more fluid, the added physicality can also make them scrappy affairs at times, with passages of play in which neither team can really dominate possession. The combination of these two elements introduces the variety you would expect in the real-world game.

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