Kameo Elements of Power - XBOX 360

Kameo Elements of Power - XBOX 360

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The opening scene acts as a prologue and a tutorial and as it comes to a close Kameo loses all of her powers and must start from scratch back at home in the Enchanted Kingdom. The rest of the game is a quest to regain the ten elemental spirits and eventually take on Kameo's evil sister and her accomplice Thorn, The King of Trolls. The search takes gamers to four themed areas that lie on the outskirts of a huge open expanse known as the Badlands. There's a murky swamp, an aquatic paradise, an icy village, and Thorn's piping hot base of operations. Each of the zones in Kameo are a mix between habitable towns, puzzles, and hazards. When gamers enter the forest to recapture one of their first elemental spirits they'll find shops and townspeople scattered about the level. Mixing the "friendly zones" into the levels makes the world feel more like a whole and it means that every section of the game is dense with activity. There is hardly any dead space in Kameo, players are constantly engaged and challenged with clever puzzles.

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