Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust - XBOX 360

Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust - XBOX 360

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In the game you play as Larry Lovage, the nephew of the original Larry. The goal is to expose a plot to torpedo a movie studio, and to do so you must guide Larry through a number of small sandbox levels featuring a bunch of different gameplay styles implemented with the finesse of a blind giraffe. You get a hand-to-hand fighting system that makes Dreamfall's combat seem like Virtua Fighter, sloppy third-person platforming, tedious stealth sequences, shooting galleries (yes, with weapons), and a number of fetch quests and timed challenges. The worst part is, it seems the script writer was aware of how poorly designed and pointless of the majority of the missions are, and had Lovage point out how silly moving a crate or finding a certain number of items within a set time limit is.

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