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Think of Ubisoft's first attempt at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game as Prince of Persia for the kiddie set. Based on the upcoming CG Turtles movie, TMNT earns this descriptor because it plays a whole bunch like developer Ubisoft Montreal's most recent Prince of Persia games, relying heavily on platforming over fighting. In this case, Montreal has lessened the difficulty of the various jump puzzles that Price of Persia is so well known for (seemingly to make it playable for the younger audience that's likely to latch onto the film), yet the game is still far more frustrating than it ought to be, due to a faulty camera system and sometimes unreasonable controls. Toss in that the combat is only slightly more complex than the legal-aged TMNT arcade beat-'em-up Konami and Ubi recently rereleased on the Xbox Live Arcade, and what you've got is a game that doesn't properly suit any individual audience.

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